Once Upon the Lake in Pepin recounts the events, landscapes, and people that made the Pepin, Wisconsin area the charming place it is today. There is everything to be discovered in this book…a murder, unsolved bank robberies, kidnapping, buried treasures, Native American mounds, the only operating lighthouse on the Mississippi River, UFO sightings, shark accounts, mysterious caves, ancient artifacts, the largest boat disasters on the Upper Mississippi, the invention of Water Skiing, Native rebellions and battles, last WI public lynching, B-24 bomber crash site, and even Pepie the monster that was reported as a local resident. There are more than 270 stories accompanied by 900 images where readers will discover the amazing world of Hoton Wakpa (Dakota village and council grounds), first ever written document at local Fort St. Antoine back in 1689, Rum production-royal proposal of Captain Jonathan Carver, steamboat races on Lake Pepin, Mark Twain’s account of Maiden Rock story, a story and mystery, one after another, including a Jim Stokes dream and proposal of 1994 to create a National Monument dedicated to Mdewakanton Dakota here in Pepin. There is a little bit of everything for everyone to find in ONCE UPON THE LAKE IN PEPIN.

Researched and written by Pepin, Wisconsin teacher, Goran Pesic