The Charlotte Years.
Meet Charlotte Tucker….the little girl who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder’s grandmother! It’s 1814 and five-year-old Charlotte lives with her family in the town of Roxbury, near the bustling city of Boston. Charlotte is a brand-new American girl, born just one generation after the United States of America was formed. Life in the Tucker’s little house has always been pleasant and merry; there’s Mama’s garden to tend to, Papa’s blacksmith shop to visit, and lots of brothers and sisters to play with. But Charlotte’s family worries more and more about the war that’s been going on since 1812. Now the British have gone and blockaded Boston harbor, and that means no molasses for supper. Charlotte is just beginning to realize that events happening far away can change things at her very own dinner table. What will the rest of the year bring for Charlotte and the Tucker family?