1. Why Local Food Is Healthier Food
2. Where You Can Find Local Food
3. The Power of Seeds
4. Good Food Needs Good Soil
5. Groceries from Your Own Backyard
6. Gardens Can Be Any Shape or Size
7. Compost Is Black Gold
8. Plantings Seeds Indoors
9. Planning Your Garden
10. Growing Food without Chemicals
11. Local Food Includes Local Animals
12. Backyard Chickens May Be for You
13. Keeping Heritage Breed Cows
14. Fresh Milk Is a Nutritious Food
15. Successful Beekeeping with Your Own Honeybees
16. Rainwater Harvesting
17. Plant Perennials for Food
18. There’s Always Room for Growing Herbs
19. Eat Locally Grown Food All Year
20. Additional Ways to Store Food for the Winter
21. Self-Sufficiency through Saving Seeds
22. Extend Your Growing Season
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